Why consider Debt Review Mpumalanga at Debt Free Plus

Why consider Debt Review Mpumalanga at Debt Free Plus

Debt Free Plus specialise in Debt Review Mpumalanga also known as Debt Counselling. Our focus is on the financial well-being of our clients. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us when going under Debt Review.

1.  Free Consultations

debt review mpumalangaDebt Review Mpumalanga at Debt Free Plus, we offer a FREE consultation. We know that the Debt Counselling Process can be confusing and that you would like to straighten out a few concerns before considering Debt Review. Our door is always open to discuss any of the queries that you might have about Debt Counselling. We understand that a person looking to go under Debt Review doesn’t necessarily have the funds available to spend on a possible, but not definite outcome.

2.  FREE Application

According to the National Credit Act, Debt Counsellors are allowed to charge R 50 for an application to Debt Review. Debt Free Plus however does not charge this fee. It is part of our philosophy – making sure that a person can be helped before taking any money from them. Debt Review Mpumalanga !!!

3.  FREE Assessment

After a person has applied for Debt Review, an in depth assessment is done on all of the monthly expenses and debt obligations that a person has. We will advise you of unnecessary expenses, possibilities to save, cheaper alternatives and methods to receive additional income. Debt Review Mpumalanga !!!

4.  NO Rejection fee

Debt Counsellors are allowed to charge a rejection fee of R300 in cases where the person is not eligible for Debt Review after assessment. This fee is however not charged at Debt Free Plus. You have absolutely nothing to lose by applying for Debt Review with us. Debt Review Mpumalanga !!!

5.  Personalized Budget

If your assessment indicates that Debt Review is necessary, we will work on a personalized budget for you as an individual. This budget is worked out very carefully and according to your unique lifestyle. We want to give clients the opportunity to maintain their lifestyle by living according to a maintainable payment plan. Debt Review Mpumalanga !!!

6.  Individual attention

Debt Free Plus is very focused on customer relations. We know our clients by name and we are only a phone call away. Our doors are always open, so please feel free to stop by our offices in Nelspruit / Mbombela (Mpumalanga) if you have any concerns before or during the Debt Counselling Process. Debt Review Mpumalanga !!!

Make sure your Debt Counsellor is registered with the NCR National Credit Regulator and DCASA Debt Counsellors association of South Africa.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the Debt Counselling Process.

Call: 013 753 3228

E-mail: magda@debtfreeplus.co.za

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