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Debt Counselling Nelspruit

First of all , you can maintain your lifestyle without sleepless nights about your Debt. In addition, Debt Free Plus offers Debt Counselling, with professionally trained Debt Counsellors and more than 10 years experience. Most of all, we will help you achieve a better future without changing your lifestyle!!. We can reduce your installments and negotiate much lower interest rates to suit your budget, while you enjoy life again without stress!.

Therefore, as a result, Debt Counselling is the Remedy!


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In the first place, we Prefer an one on one Consultation, although your Physical Presence Is not Necessary. While we Respect you’re Privacy, It is as much as for you, important for us to keep our confidentiality. So, the Debt Counselling Process, for the most part, can be done telephonic or via e-mail. Hence, Just complete your contact details, we will either call you back, leave a message and send you an e-mail, confidential with no obligation!.


Debt Counselling Nelspruit, equally Fair Fees

In fact, we charge fees Regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Whereas, Debt Free Plus offer free consultations. Consequently Debt Counselling Nelspruit is much more affordable rather than Administration. Not to mention sequestration. All things considered, Your Debt Counsellor in fact may only charge 5% aftercare fee on each payment. Whereas, the Administrator can charge more than 12% on each payment!!.


We rather use Specialised Attorneys

Furthermore, Debt Free Plus make use of  Attorneys, provided that they Specialise in Debt Counselling. Equally important, those who are Accredited by DCASA “Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa.
Therefore, we are proud members of DCASA!


Equally important is your Privacy with Debt Counselling Nelspruit

Debt Free Plus are Professionals. You can be Rest Assured that your application will be treated as absolutely Confidential.


While building Relationships With Credit Providers.

As a matter of fact, we have over 10 years experience. In the long run we not only but also established long term relations with all Credit Providers. So, we have the ability to make Debt Counselling work for you. After all, Debt Counselling is our passion, you are our priority.


About Debt Free Plus

Since we’re registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator)  see for yourself by clicking this link and type our NCRDC2715 then click search. Also visit us on Facebook, and all Social Media, see botton of page. Debt Counselling Nelspruit serves the whole Mpumalanga!!


Proud members of the Debt Counselling Association of South Africa. This association keep us informed about the latest news, changes in the Debt Counselling process and amendments to the National Credit Act.


Protect your assets while you’re legally protected the moment you apply up with us. Debt Counselling Nelspruit!!.
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